Winter is our favorite season

Winter  sports are our greatest passion. Hence our winter base in Bansko  –  undoubtedly the  best place for freeriding in Bulgaria. In search of   the perfect snow and  the perfect turn the guides at Free Mountains Association will lead you to the snowcapped  Rila and Pirin, Carpathians, Olymp, Caucasus, the  Alps and even the Himalayan giants.

Avalanche safety courses


Avalanche awareness is essential for everybody who loves to play in the mountains in winter. Attending this course, no matter if you’re an absolute beginner or advanced in this subject, you can always learn something new in addition to your skills. We have divided this course into 2 levels:

  Level 1 includes introduction to the basics of the topic – avalanche equipment and how to use it on the terrain, avalanche protocol when we have burried people and the basics in forming and transforming of the snowpack (both theory and practise)

Level 2 consists of understanding the processes in the snowpack due to different factors, snow profiles, stability tests, choosing a safe line of ascent and descent in the backcountry